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Flea Prevention and Treatment

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As with most parasites, preventing a flea infestation is much easier than trying to treat an infestation after it happens. We recommend all dogs and cats receive year round monthly flea prevention. During winter months, it is difficult for certain flea life cycle stages to survive outside. However, there are life stages of fleas that can lay dormant indoors and start an infestation if pets are not kept on prevention. Check out our last blog on the flea life cycle: Tis the Season: FLEAS!

There a numerous over-the-counter and prescription flea preventatives on the market and this can become overwhelming when deciding which product is best for your pet! Here’s a review and description of Community Animal Hospital’s preferred flea preventatives:

● Nexgard: The first oral flea and tick preventative to become available is given by mouth once monthly. Nexgard is flavored and chewable. This product is for dogs only.

● Comfortis: Another oral option that prevents fleas. This monthly flavored chewable is available for dogs and cats. This product should be used cautiously for pets with a history of seizures.

● Frontline: This topical flea and tick preventative has been a popular choice for many years. It is available for both dogs and cats and is applied monthly.

● Revolution: Community Animal Hospital’s preferred monthly preventative that is labeled for prevention of flea, heartworms, ear mites, hookworms and roundworms in cats. This product is also helpful in in preventing tick infesations.

● Advantix: Another topical flea and tick preventative, also labeled as a mosquito repellent for dogs. This product should only be used for dogs and is used monthly.

Which preventative is right for your pet? There is no one product that fits the needs for every pet and the decision about which product to use can be confusing with so many options! The doctors and staff of Community Animal Hospital are more than happy to help you decide which product is best for each pet. Please call or stop by to discuss which options are best for your furry family members!


Michael C. Owen, DVM Associate Veterinarian Community Animal Hospital

Michael C. Owen, DVM
Associate Veterinarian
Community Animal Hospital


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