Exotics and Pocket Pets

Exotic Pet Health

Exotic PetsReptile and Amphibian Medicine and Surgery

Your reptile or amphibian can benefit greatly from regular veterinary care, just like a dog or cat does. Dr. Chad Hutchison is Community Animal Hospital's resident expert in reptile and amphibian medicine and surgery. His services include consultation on husbandry, diagnosis and treatment of medical problems, and therapeutic surgical procedures.

To survive attacks from their predators, reptiles and amphibians normally conceal their illnesses in the wild. As a result, their medical problems can go unnoticed for long periods. By the time you recognize there's a problem, the condition is often serious. With regular medical examinations at Community Animal Hospital, you can keep your reptile or amphibian healthy and feeling great. We are always excited to see every reptile and amphibian patient that comes into the clinic!

Dr. Hutchison has had a lifelong fascination with reptiles and amphibians. He is particularly interested in their natural history, the tremendous range of adaptations they show, and the husbandry of these animals. While the "reptile room" at his home has evolved (it's now a play room for his children), Dr. Hutchison still loves to show off his several species of reptiles, and regularly takes reptiles to elementary schools and various educational functions to share his enthusiasm. His reptile and amphibian companions have included bearded dragons, prehensile-tailed skinks, crested and leopard geckos, green iguanas, Argentine horned frogs, the occasional box turtle, and numerous species of snakes.

Pocket Pet Care

Dr. Hutchison is the expert small mammal veterinarian at our animal hospital in Easton. Rats, hedgehogs and gerbils, oh my! There are numerous pocket pet species becoming increasingly popular. Each species has a unique set of husbandry, diet and care requirements that should be followed throughout the pet's life. A majority of illnesses and ailments seen in exotic mammals are due to improper care and health management.

To ensure your pocket pet stays healthy and to prevent diseases, we recommend routine health care before signs of illness are seen. We offer nutrition and husbandry counseling, various diagnostic tests, surgical procedures and medical care for rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs and more.