Joe Nizolek, DVM

easton veterinarians To our Valued Clients:

Dr. Joe Nizolek is retiring after practicing veterinary medicine for over four decades!

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, his red van was frequently seen on the country roads from Centerville to Greensboro to Church Creek as he tended to horses, cows and a variety of livestock on the farms of several counties. Since 2020, Joe has spent most of his time at the Community Animal Hospital treating dogs and cats. He is known for being excellent at orthopedics and for being a remarkable diagnostician.

Dr. Joe and his family were the architects, construction managers, tradesmen, and landscapers in 1984 when the first edition of the Community Animal Hospital was created from a little brick ranch house. He guided the expansion of the Hospital in 2000 and spent the next twenty-three years making sure that the building, the equipment, and the grounds were immaculate and in perfect repair. He and his wife, Dr. Donna, thought of the Hospital as their third “child.”

His skills as a doctor, his ability to communicate with people from all walks of life, and his humor will be missed! So many clients over the years asked him, “Can you be my doctor?”

He will now be enjoying life at his own pace, and spending time in New Jersey fishing on the family boat with his brother.

Help us wish him the very best after a long and rewarding career.